What’s going on here anyway?

Welcome to Brand Beat! I’m sure all the spambots are wondering what any of this means, and even though I have a handy page explaining my purpose, I thought it might be nice to include an introductory post as well.

I’m Chelsea, yes hello. I’m glad you’re visiting. Brand Beat is an idea that began when there were too many products at Sephora for me to think about all at once, so I decided to go brand by brand and create different looks with the products available. And by ‘different,’ I basically mean the colors kind of change. My look is almost always the same ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You see, I work full time at Sephora as an operations consultant. Two important things – yes, I work at Sephora but I’m in ops not an artist. This whole experiment isn’t about my creativity. Second – being an operations consultant means I start most work days at 6 a.m. with zero makeup applied to my face. It’s during the magical 10 a.m. hour where I can finally apply my face with full access to the best kind of candy store.


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