Baking. Beating. Strobing. Contouring. Makeup is a crazy thing. Walk into any Sephora for the first time and try not to be overwhelmed. You see these incredible artists on YouTube making it look so simple, but we all know unless you’re in the lower percentage of the gifted, you’re just a normal makeup wearer trying to decide if your contour is ok or if it looks like you rubbed your cheek in mud.

I get it, trust me. I’ve sat trying to blend my eyeshadow for what seemed like hours and I still look like a normal person and not an ethereal Instagram goddess.

Brand Beat exists as a resource between the products and bonafide makeup artists. As a normal, non-Instagoddess, I try products and let you know about them. I’m not creating crazy innovative looks; I’m simply applying the products and seeing how they work in the hands of a regular person.

This isn’t about tutorials, but learning more about brands and products and how they work. It’s important to note we may have different opinions along the way, and that’s ok! I’m an American which means I will pretend to tolerate how you feel while knowing I’m right.

Just kidding.

As humans, we are all incredibly different (revolutionary, I know). What works on my skin may not on yours and vice versa. A product I may struggle with could be your ride or die. This is ok! We’re allowed to disagree, I promise.

Let’s have some fun.