Meet Me

Meet me meaning meet Chelsea, the face behind the words (and often featured in the posts). Hi, yes, hello.

I created Brand Beat as a way to express two of my favorite passions, makeup and writing. Actually, I didn’t really create anything, it just sort of happened. You see, I work in operations at a Sephora in Western New York and three mornings a week I have the opportunity to put a full face together using the products in store.

It started with trying products I’d never used, but then I realized I spent most of my break trying to pick what to use and I didn’t have sufficient time to do a complete face. So then I decided to go brand by brand, using products I haven’t tried (if possible). The idea to document it on Instagram came because I’m an oversharer so naturally I would.

The idea to write about it came when more and more of my coworkers expressed how much they liked seeing what I was doing. Granted, I knew I wasn’t this innovative artists, but I saw an opportunity to be just that – a normal person wearing makeup and talking about it online. The name Brand Beat came from my best friend Sam who is arguably responsible for every clever thing in my life. It’s a play on a traditional newspaper beat and the term ‘beat’ as used to describe makeup application, i.e. beating your face into submission with all the products.

Like a lot of children, I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to wear makeup. I was enthralled watching my mother. It wasn’t about covering up imperfections but enhancing what God gave you and becoming the person you wanted to be. The first products I owned were blue Bonne Bell eyeshadow and pink Mark lipgloss, both of which I wore to my sixth grade graduation.

Later, when hormones began, it became about hiding with a side of enhancing. I caked on the Cover Girl liquid AND powder and used a four-pan eyeshadow palette with mascara. No blush or eyebrows necessary.

This was my look for around 10 years, before I found the aforementioned Sam and began to adapt all of her passions and hobbies like most parasites do. Sephora was introduced and I remember being appalled at the prices. Around five years later and now when a product is $20 to $30 I actually think ‘that’s so reasonably priced!’

Before working at Sephora, I had a career in marketing, working for several different industries including theater, trucking and law. As 2016 began to wind down, I realized I was pursuing the life I should and not the life I wanted because I wanted to check off all my boxes of success. Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, career. But the ‘right’ path didn’t bring me any joy.

I applied to Sephora thinking it would be a part time, after my ‘real’ job, gig, but it quickly escalated into my main source of income and I became full time within six months. I love working for the company for a lot of reasons, but none more than the discount. Just kidding. I love Sephora because it is all about inspiring fearlessness and helping others find what makes them beautiful, and it isn’t about loading baskets with products so clients can hide.

Just so you know – my position at Sephora doesn’t affect what I say about the products or brands. At all. I’m not pressured to be positive. I promise honest reviews, always.

Outside of writing and makeup, I’m actively involved at my church where I co-lead the elementary kids team. My nieces are my life and I try to spend as much time as possible with the little demons. When it’s warm and sunny, I like to find a nice spot in the park and read/journal/nap.

If you want to know more, please ask. I’m am open book and will likely provide TMI immediately. You can always find me on Instagram and Twitter as @chelseancummins.

I also write for Seemingly Good Ideas so you can check that out if you’d like a more personal look at my life.